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I didn't always get it right

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Hi, I'm Amanda - it's lovely to meet you, and thank you for clicking on my page. I am the founder and owner of Business Holistic.

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This is me aged 8 in my favourite childhood dress.  I loved it because I felt like a bohemian hippy child of the ’70s. I would often twirl around with its big skirt hoping it would take me somewhere magical. As an adopted child I always felt a little different from my family, but my true difference was not about blood but more my spirituality. When I talk of spirituality, I’m not talking about religion, I mean having an awareness of one’s soul.

I grew up with my older siblings on a council estate in the south of Bristol. I remember always receiving comments from the boys at school about my family being “well off” for a family living in an ex-council house. This was due to us having flashy sports cars or speed boats on the driveway. Despite where we lived, my father worked very hard for his money, running a couple of his own businesses. Later on, my siblings followed suit despite them not having gained any qualifications at school. I guess you could say I grew up with a family that had the common sense, motivation, and desire to achieve in business. I knew from a very young age that running my own business and following my dreams was what I would set out to do.

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I knew from a very young age that running my own business and following my dreams was what I would set out to do.

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Fast forward to my mid 20’s. After being employed and managing at one time 30 members of staff, I took a pause in my career to have babies. I now have two amazing sons aged 22 and 16 whom I am very proud of.  When my youngest was about 5, and after marrying my husband, I decided that my part-time job was no longer for me and that I wanted to follow my dream of owning my own business. I was lucky enough to have an entrepreneurial husband who understood and supported my every move 100%.


So, in 2011 I set about my intention of opening a shop and eCommerce website. I organically grew my social media following from 0 – 35k followers. In 2017 I invested money in myself, got a business coach, and decided to rebrand the business and website myself and go higher-end because I finally understood who my ideal client was. I realised from the coaching that I hadn’t learned about the basic foundations of setting up a business. I so wish I had invested in myself from the beginning, but the truth was I couldn’t afford to spend thousands, I needed the money for the initial start-up.

Later on, I still wanted more, and this time I wanted a business to not only make me money but also to feed my need to connect with my spirituality. So there I was running two businesses that I had branded, marketed, built the websites, organically grew my own social media following, learned about SEO and pretty much soaked up every bit of information I could about creating and running a business from scratch.

What happened next was a blessing for me spiritually, Covid hit, and I realised running both my businesses in two very different markets was causing me burnout. One of them filled me with creativity but the market was not filling my soul, the other filled my soul but became physically challenging. My life was out of balance, and something needed to change. So, I spent the next two years working on my spirituality, really learning about myself, gaining my inner strength, and finding my authentic power to do what I believe is now my true calling - helping people like you to not only succeed in your business but to guide you on finding your balance.

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