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Sisters in Business Events

Creativity infuses when you stop!

Our sisters in business events are designed to give you a wellbeing boost for your mind, body, and soul.

Let us take you on a journey of self-discovery to find how to create a better work-life balance.

Running a business can take up your full attention if you let it, which can put a strain on your physical and emotional wellbeing.

These sisterhood events will leave you feeling de-stressed and refocused. 



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Imagine a sacred space where you can really connect with your femininity and masculinity. A space where inclusivity and acceptance are welcomed among other female entrepreneurs.

I really believe that as women in business, we either tear each other down from our own fears of "imposter syndrome", or we just don't feel adequate enough to succeed, to the point where we can become stuck in business. Or we can support each other and build up each other's confidence in the knowledge that a little compliment can go a long way in boosting one's morale.

As women, we have so many other factors that can affect our ability to feel successful and valued. This could be because of our own fluctuating hormones around periods, motherhood, menopause etc, which can lead to an unbalanced mindset. I believe it's so important for us women to connect with other women to talk about these challenges so that we don't feel isolated. What better way to connect than with a sisterhood business retreat.

Each event will start with a different theme but will leave you feeling totally grounded and relaxed. Some of the business and wellbeing focus will be:

  • How to look after your mental wellbeing while running a business

  • How to stay visible when dealing with confidence issues

  • Implementing balance for your work, social, and home life

  • Discovering your current mindset and how to work more positively

  • Dealing with hormonal imbalance and accepting what is

  • Inclusivity in the workplace

  • Thinking about kindness to yourself and to the planet with your business

  • Working from self sabotage to self resilence

  • Inviting more love and abundance

  • Setting intentions and how to let go when things are not serving you

  • Tuning into our powerful masculinity and our divine femininity

Plus much more.

Each event will start with

  • A mingle and get to know session

  • A topic from either myself or a professional therapist in the chosen subject

  • Light healthy snacks and drinks

  • Space to ask questions and connect

  • Light yoga

  • Sound bath/gong meditation

  • Time to reflect and journal

  • Connect before heading home.

When women support each other incredible things happen!

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