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Terms and Conditions



This website provides information only and does not provide any financial, legal, medical, or psychological services or advice. None of the content on this website or in our sessions prevents, cures, or treats any mental or medical condition. You are responsible for your own physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, decisions, choices, actions, and results. You should consult your GP for any health or mental/physical wellbeing issues. Business Holistic disclaims any liability for your reliance on any opinions or advice contained on this website or with its services.


Any contract taken with yourself (you) and Business Holistic (Us) will be lawfully binding to the contract presented at the time. We ask you to carefully read the contract and raise any questions within 7 days of the contract being presented. Services will not commence until the contract is signed. Once signed no refund will be given but we will do our best to rearrange the service within 6 months.

All of our websites are made via a third party platform and therefore any technical/server issues are held with WiX. Business Holistic primarily just creates the design for the site, so any ongoing issue will need to be taken up with WiX. All additional apps connected to your site may include further charges. Your domain will be for one year and any ongoing years will need to be paid for directly with WiX.

Covid/Illness Precautions

Please do not attend the sessions if you are suffering from any symptoms of Covid or from any other contagious virus or bugs.  We will have hand sanitising stations around the office and will ensure that windows are kept open for ventilation.

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Important Information Regarding Downloadable Workbooks.


Please be advised that all downloadable workbooks are the property of Business Holistic and are exclusively available for purchase by Business Holistic clients for training purposes only.


This workbook is provided for your personal training use and may not be copied for use in your own business or distributed to others for their use or distribution.


All content is written from personal experience and is designed to assist our clients. However, it is important to note that these materials are intended as guidelines only. Business Holistic cannot be held accountable for the success or failure of any other business.

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